Poké In Louisiana

At Southfin, you can choose from several chef-composed poké bowls or get inspired to customize your own using an array of fresh seafood, healthy ingredients and house made island sauces.  Pair your bowl with an assortment of beverages, including own house-made agua frescas.

Whether you are on the go for a quick bite or dining in for a relaxing experience, Southfin can satisfy all of your cravings, Tide to Table.

The History of Poké

What is Poké?

Directly translated, the word means “to cut” or “to dice”, but it can also refer to a Hawaiian street-food dish. Traditionally, Poké is comprised of diced tuna and select vegetables, tossed in a flavorful sauce, and generally eaten over rice.

Where did PokÉ begin?

Native Hawaiians were the first to navigate the world of poké.  Having long enjoyed fresh, raw fish, poké was a natural progression, although it requires very little treatment.  Native Hawaiian locals were known to chop up fresh fish that they’d caught from the ocean, season it lightly with sea salt, seaweed, and inamona, which is a roasted and crushed candlenut.  In the 1970’s, poké really began to gain popularity, and chefs incorporated new fish and different ingredients.  As with many classic Hawaiian food dishes, the islands’ multicultural influences tinged the taste of poke.  Chili peppers and onions were eventually added and reflected the tastes of European and American missionaries.  Later, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean descendants replaced salt with sesame oil and brought shoyu into the mix.  This combination of flavors and textures has since become a beloved culinary tradition on the islands and has even made its way to the mainland – to Southfin Southern Poké!

Why Southfin southern poké?

The Gulf region has its own unique culture and lifestyle and we really wanted to embrace that.  By combining the flavors of the South Pacific with the traditions of the Gulf South, we created Southfin Southern Poké!

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